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Tona is a Hamburg based stencilartist. He is involved in street-art since 99 (graffiti), stencils since 2002 and silkscreen and linocut since 2008. He still loves trying new techniques. He works alone and a lot with friends at the squatted Gängeviertel in Hamburg. He also loves to go pasting with some friends in Hamburg and Berlin. Regarding street-art style, TONA prefers paste-up, stencil, installation, graffiti, waste and trash. To work, he uses his hands, his brain, cans, stencils, some glue, paste, markers, swabs, waste, trash, paper, wood, plastic, cutters, his macbook and a lot more! You can see most of his work in Hamburg, but also in Berlin, London, Vienna, Athens, Paris, Valencia, Amsterdam and TelAviv. http://tonastreetarts.blogspot.com/

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Some shots of my exhibition at the Palace of Produktion


2nd July

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