How long will the project take?

The project starts on 15th June 2012 with the move-in into the building and ends with the “product showcase” (14th and 15th July). Before the project gets started, there are already two events on 1st May and 31st May as part of the series “product range“.

How is the condition of the building?

Until last the building was used for office and research work and as storage. It offers large workspaces, small offices and plenty of communicative space. The rooms have ideal conditions for social interaction as well as for quiet, concentrated and artistic works. The condition of the rooms is mediocre, for a temporary use it is adequate. We provide the technical basis for the project: electricity, Wi-Fi internet access, water, and toilets. There are just a few furnitures, but we can supply more if necessary. The floor plans are here. Pictures of the building can be found here.

Who are the participants?

There are about 70 people in the project with very different backgrounds. They will use the building for their special purposes, and jointly create the Palace of Production. The group is a mixture of people from Bremen and other parts of Germany and various European countries.

How can I join the project?

Join-in here. People interested can still apply, we have launched a second application period. We moved the overnight spots to another house and saved extra space in the Palace. You get a quick response after mid-May.

Where can I stay overnight?

We provide overnight spots in shared rooms in a seperate house in the neighbourhood. Please let us know if you would like to move in.

How can I find out about events in the Palace of Production?

Hereyou find all events at a glance. Stay updated for spontaneous actions!

What is the “product showcase”?

It is the final exhibition of all participations. Everybody can present his or her “products“ to the public and the press.

What is the “product range”?

It is a four-part lecture and discussion series about the changing world of work. For more Information click here.

How to get there?

Have a look at „Find us

Has a publication or documentary been planned?

For sure the project will be documented in different ways. How exactly we do not know, yet.

Who is “we” and who organize the project?

The Palace has been designed and organized by the ZZZ(temporary use agency of Bremen). The team includes eight members.

What will happen to the building after the Palace of Production?

In the long run, the building will be either sold or rehabilitated and rented out as an office building by the city in the context of the development area of the BWK. The Palace of Production and the special events (Congress “2nd hand spaces“, “Bremen dialogue“, “product range“) can show alternative options for uses, and different paths of development. Maybe this offers an unimagined future for the building! Anyway, the building will be vacant again after the month-long Palace of the Production.