Workers of the New World of Work, unite!

Re:present your Work in the Palace of Production

There is plenty of unusual space for new ways of working and collaborating in the vacant site “Wollkämmerei”, a relict wool combing factory from the Industrial Age in Bremen-Blumenthal. The Palace of Production offers room to work, connect and exchange from the 15th of June to 15th of July 2012.

Professionals from different backgrounds and countries come together to pursue their own work in a diverse and supportive community. Together we will create a laboratory to explore new ways of working and co-working and establish mutually benefiting production methods. We support new ways of working to make them meet with the appreciation that are their due in the knowledge-based society.

Work to us has a wide meaning: employment, entrepreneurship, freelancing, creative industries, manufacturers, art production, social work, cultural work and project based work – all counts and is welcome to take place!

The Palace of Production will thrive on the interactions, the ideas and the input from its users. In addition to their own work everybody will be asked to do some renovation, design and community work. Continuously there will be events, exhibitions and discussions about the change of work. The project ends up with the “product showcase”, in the centre of this exhibition are your producing and the transformation of the building.

People interested can still apply, we have launched a second application period. We moved the overnight spots in another house and saved extra space in the palace. Response comes back to you near-term by mid-May.


The selector department of the former wool factory is a building that provides more than 4.500m2 room for social interaction and focused work. There are common and individual spaces for different activities in different sizes: small 15-25 m2 offices, workrooms, laboratories, studios, etc..